Brain Gym 170 Agenda

Day 1

  • 8-10:30am:  Course overview with premises and Brain Gym® concepts, resources, and research. Interactive noticing movement exercise. Establishing understanding of 3 dimensional midlines in relation to developmental stages of growth and integration of primitive reflexes explained, demonstrated and practiced.

  • 10:45-noon: Developmental building block activities introduced as support for stages of child development along with integration of primitive reflexes. Skull tapping, spinal walking demonstrated and practiced with before and after activities.

  • 1-2:30pm: Continuing with navel radiation and arm activation demonstration and practice with noticing before and after ease of movement.

  • 2:45-5:30pm: Adaptation of Brain Gym® movements for special needs demonstrated and practiced. Arranging Brain Gym® movements according to dimensional midlines, color coding manuals to reflect appropriate categories.






Day 2

  • 8-10:30 am: Daily life activity balance demonstrated and explained followed by application and practice.

  • 10:45-noon: Developmental priorities, noticing and how to begin and follow client’s lead. Writing balance using alphabet 8’s along with other Brain Gym® movements and developmental building block activities, explained, demonstrated and practiced.

  • 1-2:30pm: Core activation, foot re-education explained, demonstrated and practiced with how to integrate them with balances and client sessions.

  • 2:45-3:45pm: Child visit for balance application with class observation. Instructor interviews parents and child for what they would like to improve or see happen differently and proceeds to help them do various Brain Gym® movements and developmental building block activities to support that effort.

  • 3:45-5:30pm: Debriefing the child visit, observations and discussion, followed by more color coding, and adaptation of Brain Gym® movements for special needs.

Day 3

  • 8-10:30am: Three dimensional repatterning for daily living explanation of process, followed by demonstration and practice.

  • 10:45-noon: Dimension balances for focus, centering, and laterality explained, demonstrated and practiced.

  • 1-2pm: Child visit for application of course content with instructor to be observed working with child.

  • 2-2:30pm: Observations, questions, discussion of child visit and other applications.

  • 2:45-5:30pm: Continue with dimension balances for focus, centering, and laterality explained, demonstrated and practiced along with more adaptation of Brain Gym® movements for special needs.

Day 4

  • 8-10:30am: X-Pand balance wheel with in-depth checks and prioritizing balance start point explained, demonstrated and practiced.

  • 10:45-noon: FAST action balance (feel all storms transform) explained, demonstrated, and practiced by participants.

  • 1-2pm: Ear popping and review of all other developmental building block activities. Seizure concerns and protocols for avoiding prompting brain chaos. Importance of following medical guidelines.

  • 2-3:30pm: Dynamic brain roleplay after reading and reviewing charts in manual.

  • 3:45-5:30pm: Examples of successful outcomes with children from Cece’s book, "I Am the Child" along with questions and comments for further application of course content.

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