aroma freedom immersion®

The Aroma Freedom Technique Immersion is an interactive learning experience that allows you to understand the fundamentals of The Aroma Freedom Technique as well as to both give and receive a session under supervision of your Instructor. This is the best way to “get your feet wet” with Aroma Freedom. This is also the first part of Aroma Freedom Certification and will help you to decide whether you would like to become certified yourself!

NOTE: This immersion will equip you to better use The Aroma Freedom Technique on yourself, family, and friends.  However, it is not a professional training.  In order to receive payment for Aroma Freedom Sessions or to integrate it into your professional practice, you must complete The Aroma Freedom Practitioner Certification process.

Special Opportunity: You will have the opportunity to apply $50 of your Immersion fee towards Aroma Freedom Practitioner Certification if you choose to register by the end of the class.

Applicable for all ages: for students, educators, parents, artists, athletes, health care practitioners, and business professionals. 

REGISTER HERE - 09/14/19

REGISTER HERE - 10/12/19

REGISTER HERE - 11/09/19

Registration Instructions:

1) Click on link above for date of interest.

2) Link takes you to AFT site, click on class date you want, with Janice Fiore in Binghamton, NY.

3) Pay & Register for Immersion Class on AFT Website.

aroma freedom certification®

Join us for an in-person training on Aroma Freedom

This small group setting will allow for personalized attention and real-time feedback as you develop the skills needed to become the most effective Aroma Freedom Practitioner possible. During the two days of in-person training, you will get to experience all three processes multiple times, allowing you the chance to have significant personal growth in any area of your life.  You will also practice the techniques under supervision and grow in your confidence with leading others to their own breakthroughs. 


This training program covers all three of the basic Aroma Freedom Techniques:

  • The Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT)

  • The Memory Resolution Technique (TMRT)

  • The Aroma Reset Technique

  • Two days of in-person training

  • Online support for up to 3 months or until course requirements are met

  • Access course recordings at any time

  • Personalized mentoring throughout the process

  • Support from Instructors & fellow students


Certification Benefits

Launch your career as a Certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner, or integrate Aroma Freedom into what you already do in your practice, and…

  • Be confident in your ability to lead yourself and others through the Aroma Freedom processes

  • Learn advanced tips to ensure the best possible session every time.

  • Launch or enhance a practice which empowers people to live a life of happiness

  • Join a growing community of amazing Aroma Freedom Practitioners.

  • Listing on the Aroma Freedom website as a “Certified Practitioner”

  • Receive a Certificate of Completion (Suitable for Framing)

  • Market yourself as a “Certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner”

  • Charge for your services


This 3 month class begins with an intensive weekend training where you receive personalized attention and supervised sessions.  After the weekend you will attend online weekly mentoring calls until all course requirements have been met.  You should expect to spend 4-5 hours per week in mentoring, completing online requirements, and doing practice sessions.

Course Topics
  1. Introduction to Aroma Freedom

  2. Active Listening, Rapport, and Presence

  3. Goal Setting – Broad and Narrow Goals

  4. Heart Centering + Body Awareness, Aroma Reset

  5. Feelings vs. Judgments

  6. The Memory Resolution Technique

  7. Hybrid Aroma Freedom/TMRT Sessions

  8. Aroma Freedom for Groups, Children and Special Populations

  9. Taking Aroma Freedom into the world

  10. Setting Fees, Coaching, Becoming an Instructor


Part 1: Introduction & Demonstration
Part 2: Partner Practice Session 1
Part 3: Q&A


Part 4: Partner Practice Session 2
Part 5: Q&A
Part 6: Application & Use of AFT

Special Instructions: Make sure you have the following Young Living Essential Oils on hand at the time of the class:

Lavender, Frankincense, Stress Away, Inner Child, Release, Transformation (or other uplifting oil).

General Registration

$99 Standard Fee



Also Included with this training

Reference Materials:

  • Aroma Freedom Technique E-Book

  • Aroma Freedom Session Tracking forms and Scripts

  • The Memory Resolution Technique – Script

  • Live Observation Requirements

Specialized Training Videos:

  • Why Aroma Freedom Works: The Science of Memory Reconsolidation.

  • Deepening your Intuition with Aroma Freedom.

  • Aroma Freedom for Mental Health Practitioners.

  • A Deeper Look at the 12 Steps.

  • PLUS additional videos from Dr. Perkus’ online trainings

Final Submission Forms:

  • Practitioner Certification Requirements

  • Live Observation Guidelines

  • Certification Essay

  • Bio and Photo

General Registration

$269/mth for 4 months: Standard Fee

REGISTER HERE - 10/26-10/27/19

REGISTER HERE - 11/30-12/01/19


Registration Instructions:

1) Click on link above for date of interest.

2) Link takes you to AFT site, click on class date you want, with Janice Fiore in Binghamton, NY.

3) Pay & Register for Certification Class on AFT Website.


Full Disclaimer: The information on this site is presented for informational purposes only. 

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