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We are excited to bring this amazing group of Certified Aroma Freedom (AFT) Instructors to Salt Lake City --- and your computer!

ALL classes are available both online AND in person - Indicate your preference by your ticket selection. "On-Demand" = online

**FOR TICKETS** https://www.eventbrite.com/e/empowered-life-collective-expo-tickets-62834965072?aff=efbeventtix&fbclid=IwAR0S0C7fzquicEschHw-1_QcM_63BOoeJlkNS6-lcibmk8uKyrI0gLv8UcY

In person will be at:
Hilton Salt Lake City Center**
255 South West Temple
SLC, UT 84101

**Same hotel as the Aroma Sharing Event**
We will be on the THIRD floor

Online will be uploaded and available by Monday July 22nd (after Convention)

About Us:
Empowered Life Collective is a group of inspired practitioners, representing many areas of expertise, who have come together to help people in living their best life.

Most, if not ALL, presentations will include an Aroma Freedom technique of some type. If you wish to participate in this powerful perspective shifting experience, please have the following on hand:

Lavender, Frankincense, Stress Away
Inner Child (or Citrus Fresh)
Release (or Purification)
Transformation OR Believe (or any other oil you find empowering)
A note pad and something to write with
Water bottle (Refilling stations available)

Tuesday, July 16th

9:30 am Introduction to Aroma Freedom (Presented in Dutch)- Hermien Rondeel***
Kom naar de introductie van de Aroma Freedom Technique in het Nederlands. Aansluitend een sessie Aroma Freedom, zodat je deze bijzondere techniek meteen ervaart.

11:00 am Finding your Niche – Donna Barrish*
Are you struggling to find your purpose, not sure where you fit in, or where you can be of the most service?
Let's explore together and find your calling.

12:30 pm Ease out of Self-Denial to Self-Care – Sarah Strain*
Are you putting everyone ahead of yourself? Do you feel drained and unappreciated? Learn how to make yourself a priority with self love and self care.

2:00 pm Lions, Tigers & Bears, Oh My! Overcoming Fears & Phobias – Teresa Hermann**
Hey, Dorothy, are you ready to break free from the shadows of your fears so you can let your light shine bright?!?! In this session, you'll show those lions and tigers and bears who's boss!

3:30 pm Freedom from Being Overwhelmed – Tabitha Taylor***
Kiss daily overwhelm good-bye. Tabitha shares her tips, tricks and the power of Aroma Reset to make everyday feel like a vacation!

5:00 pm AFT/OOLA Intro – Renee Arledge**
Join Renee for an overview on how you can balance and grow 7 key areas of life so you can live the life you have always wanted. Learn how the Aroma Freedom Technique can support your journey by overcoming the negative thoughts, emotions and memories that are holding you back from your success.

6:30 pm Stop the Food Fight – Angie Taylor***
Angie Taylor shows you how to break all the dieting rules while repairing your relationship with food, exercise and yourself. In this inspiring presentation you’ll learn how to combine the 10 Intuitive Eating Principles and Young Living essential oils to create a non-diet approach to wellness. This illuminating presentation will expose the truth about current fitness, wellness, and health beliefs that have made us all sicker and fatter than ever before. You’ll hear why diets don’t work and why it’s time to STOP the food fight.

8:00 pm Self-Love: Embrace Your Inner Dandelions – Sherry Coffman***
When we look at the garden of our lives, we see dandelions as well as flowers. Join Sherry to experience a shift in perspective and discover the power of embracing your personal dandelions.

Wednesday, July 17th

9:30 am Prepare for your Promotion – Kathryn Bolen*
Do you find yourself waiting…and waiting…for that shift in your life, family or business to happen? God has BIG THINGS in store for you! However, if you are still holding on to past hurts and things that no longer serve you, you cannot fully receive your forthcoming blessings. Join Kathryn to learn how to identify WHY a holding pattern happens and how to use Aroma Freedom to release the shackles of the past and move forward into your life promotion!

11:00 am Gratitude: Be Still & Listen – Traci Henderson*
In this meditative experience, we will align with our major elemental centers and discover the profound gratitude we all share for ourselves and each other. By identifying emotionally charged experiences which create walls to true happiness, we will release and reset our perspective to carve new paths and ignite gratitude on our miraculous journey through life.

12:30 pm Transformation: Releasing Limiting Beliefs to Reveal Your Authentic Self – Carmen Bergin*
Together we will explore some of the most common limiting beliefs and how they are showing up in your life. Carmen will teach you the Aroma Reset technique so that you can begin to let go of these beliefs that have kept you from growing and living life as your Authentic Self.

2:00 pm Anxious for Nothing – Tanya Inck-Folger***
Uncover God’s techniques to handle all levels of anxiety. We will be utilizing the Aroma Freedom Technique to remove the emotional and spiritual blocks that prevent us from trusting God fully, even with our anxious thoughts. Upon completion of this class, you will walk away with a simple formula which can be applied daily to live a life that is truly “Anxious for Nothing”.

3:30 pm Breaking the Chains of Cravings – Janice Fiore***
Don't let cravings imprison you. Break the chains and find freedom to live life as you truly envision it to be.

Bonus Videos Exclusive to Deluxe EXPO Bundle

Emotion Mapping – Kathryn Bolen
Emotional Suicide: Everybody's Doing It – Angie Taylor
Releasing Limiting Beliefs – Carmen Bergin


When selecting your session tickets - Please notice the date and time of each session as they are listed on each ticket as shown in above schedule. You may also choose an On Demand ticket for onlineviewing at your convenience if you prefer or the In Person option is sold out.

All sessions are available to in-person attendees with Practitioners present to assist in facilitating as needed. Denotations per session:
* LIVE Presented In-Person
** LIVE Stream Presented Remote Broadcast
*** Pre-Recorded Session Presented Live to In-Person Attendees

Full Disclaimer: The information on this site is presented for informational purposes only. 

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