Optimal Brain Organization Agenda

Day 1

  • 8-10:30am: Become familiar with theory and background of brain organization, brain dominance patterns of hemispheric organization and approaches to learning and movement across the midlines.

  • 10:45-noon: Discover learning profile variations, recording personal profiles. Discuss various accommodations for various patterns. Demonstrate action balance honoring the relearning profile.


  • 1-2:30pm: Discover vision and cerebral hemispheres with visual specialization applied to learning profile.  


  • 2:45-5:30pm:  Become familiar with 4 hand eye writing grips and power grip, using energy exercise variations for dexterity – apply and note changes in dexterity. Use writing checks to locate temporal and spatial functions.


Day 2

  • 8-10:30am: Discover hemispheric lead movement action balance for dexterity using  X-span balance protocol to access resource state. Practice and note changes in ability to access thoughts, feelings and sensations for greater ease in processing information

  • 10:45-noon: Practice effective language for goal setting and use muscle checking as an informational tool with movements to anchor congruency.

  • 1-2:30pm:  Notice dimensional imbalances and assess dimensional intelligences : left-to-right, top-to-bottom, and back-to-front.

  • 2:30-5:30 pm:  Review course concepts and discuss application of content to individual needs of clients. Integrate Brain Gym® 101 concepts along with variations of movements from this a course. Demonstrate understanding of use and application to a wide variety of needs.

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