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Worldwide terror and unrest are taking their toll on all of us. Some common reactions to stress are fear, anxiety, sleep disruptions, sudden outbursts of anger, poor concentration, memory loss, fatigue, or just a general sense of unease.


Our body reacts so that we will survive the immediate crisis, but there is a huge price to pay if the stress is ongoing. What can we do to get ourselves back in control?


Putting Out The Fire of Fear will guide you through recognizing how stress impacts your body, and show you how to stop the stress cycle before damage is done. There isn't always time to work out at the gym or meditate on a mountain, so grab this book and get on with your life. The practical techniques allow you to apply the principles wherever you are- at the office, at home, on the street or on a plane.


"Sharon has cut to the heart of how to handle fear and stress in today's world. You will gain valuable insight into how the brain, body and emotions interact under stress. Filled with clear, concise and practical strategies, this book is both timely and powerful." - Dr. John Thie, Founder of Touch For Health

Putting Out The Fire of Fear