Aging with Vitality


We all experience it…Senior moments; Where did I put my keys?, Where are my glasses?, How can I lose something without moving from my desk! The good news is you are not losing your mind, or getting too old, you are overstressing your brain! All of us have to age, but none of us have to get old. Come and learn strategies to help you age with vitality and keep your inner child alive.


  • Understand that senior moments can be overcome

  • Discover how to create and maintain a healthy brain

  • Realize health is created from inside your body

  • Learn how to keep your brain working properly


Updates on the latest discoveries in neuroscience are applied to for practical application to daily life. As George Burns said” You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old!” Workshops are available for individuals or groups of all sizes. The workshops can be tailored to your needs and vary in length. Due to the wealth of information, workshops can be done as a series.

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