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Healing Services Aimed For Optimal Health
Brain Works Naturally offers integrative approaches to wellness and the tools to educate, empower and support you in your journey to better health. The mind and the body are deeply connected, and your state of mind can have a profound effect on your heart and overall health. Our Self-Core Modalities are best when combined and can truly compliment your healing process.  If you are uncertain of what you need, book a free 30 minute consultation.

To Book An Appointment:
Please email or call Jan at 607-222-1022

Self-Care Modalities

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Identify and release negative, thoughts, feelings, and memories that interfere with reaching goals. Set your energy flowing in a positive direction toward growth.


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BioSonic Tuning

Using the sounds of Tibetan singing bowls and tuning forks to stimulate, connect and relax the heart + brain + body connections. Experience deep relaxation, reduce stress, increase blood flow, and enhance immune response.



Emotion Code,BodyCode, Belief Code

Emotional Healing Session

Trapped emotions can cause pain. Using the protocol from Dr. Barry Nelson's to release subconscious feelings and emotional baggage carried in our bodies.




Quantum Reflex Integration (QRI)

Using cold laser treatments to trace reflex patterns for full integration. Very useful as a tool for pain reduction as well as a host of other concerns.





BEMER is a mat you lay on attached to a machine to give you the earth's frequencies and intensities through PEMF (pulsed-electro-magnetic frequencies)

$35 min


BG Balance

Brain Gym Balance Session

Combinations of simple movements that help create, strengthen and balance heart+brain+body connections needed for relaxed alertness to repattern our brains.



Infrared Sauna

Near Infrared Sauna Session

Benefits include: detoxification, relaxation, & increased circulation. Infrared sauna therapy could be the missing link. This is an essential service especially during winter months.




The benefits of reflexology include its ability to stimulate nerve function, increase energy, boost circulation, and eliminate toxins from the body. Plus many more!



BioCharger NG

BioCharger NG Session

 Benefits include improved energy levels, focus & mental clarity, relief from pain & inflammation, sleeplessness, athletic recovery, performance, flexibility. 




Raindrop Therapy Session

Application of 9 Young Living essential oils on the feet and either side of the spine. Used with a special protocol for relaxation and cell recharge.



Prana Reiki

Reiki or Prana Reiki Session

Benefits:  pain relief, clearing emotional distress, reducing stress, enhancing deep relaxation, improving blood flow, self-esteem and confidence, and many more.




Touch for Health Balance Session

Muscle system balance using kinesiology involving meridian pathways, acupressure points, neurovascular points, and neurolymphatic points as needed.


Healing Support Services

These services make great Add-ons to our Self-Care Modalities above.

To Book An Appointment:
Please email or call Jan at 607-222-1022

aqua chi .jpg

Aqua-Chi Detox

This energizing footbath releases toxins and cell debris in the body while soaking feet for 20-30 min.

$35-30 min


Essential Oils

 We offer essential oils, blends, and oil-infused products.  Enjoy a FREE essential oil consultation.

Free-30 min

vital life pro.jpg

Vital Life Pro

Sessions provide 4 unique frequency sweeps to promote healing and enhance well-being and stimulate cell repair.

Learn More

$35-30 min



The dome is placed over the upper body. Your choice of essential oil is diffused in the dome as you breathe deeply and relax. 

$35-30 min


E-Power Machine

Machine uses negative ions to boost energy on a cellular level.

Learn More

$35-30 min


PEMF Therapy

PEMF functions as a cellular tune-up, enhancing your body's overall functioning & circulation. Great for relaxation!

$35-30 min



Benefits:  pain relief, increase in local blood circulation and oxygen, energy increase, mental focus, & promotes lymph drainage.

$35-30 min


Integrated Listening 

Using the physics of sound to benefit developmental delays and brain challenges.

$35-30 min


Electro Reflexology

Foot energizer used in between Reflexology sessions or as an introduction to Reflexology massage treatments.

$35-30 min

heart partner.jpg


Used while seated, it helps pump out the excess blood and fluids that pools in your legs. Place your feet on the foot pad and relax.

$35 - 30 min

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