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 Individual Session: $35 / 30 minutes

Series Sessions:  3/$30 each - 6/$30 each

Near Infrared Sauna Session:


You have the comfort of an enclosed sauna while sitting on a stool in front of the red near infrared lights. During the session you turn gradually every few minutes. This allows your entire body to receive the rays.

The session allows for a full-sweat and a powerful means of detoxification. We offer Near Infrared Sauna sessions as well as Far Infrared sessions. 

All sauna sessions include a robe and shower availability afterwards.

Near Infrared Sauna

Benefits include anti-aging repair, enhanced cognitive and athletic performance, increased longevity, increased wound and muscle healing, muscle and joint pain relief, rejuvenated skin, reduces cellulite, eliminates stress in the Mind & Body, deep penetrating heat for cellular detoxification, supports metabolic process, boosts cellular regeneration, and so much more!


Near Infrared Sauna emits ZERO EMF's during a session which provides a truly healing experience. Near Infrared saunas provide longevity and decreased risk of heart disease. Additionally using infrared saunas in combination with other holistic therapies can be a source of prevention and treatment for a variety of cancers.


" SaunaSpace is the finest full-spectrum sauna I have ever seen."


- Dr. Joseph Mercola, D. O.

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