Class Dates: August 17, 19, 21, 24, 26, 28, 31

                          September 2

Time:  9:00am – 1:00pm (32 contact hrs)


 This 32‐hour experiential course that provides an in‐depth study of how to use Brain Gym® with children and adults, with specific adaptations for those who have special needs. Come learn ways to help all reach their true potential using developmental building blocks and brain gym movements from the work of Paul and Gail Dennison and Cecelia Koester.  The simple exercises can have profound and lasting effects over time. 

Neurosciences have discovered that the brain’s plasticity allows for changes in neurological pathways that we previously thought impossible.  Primitive reflexes that weren’t integrated can be integrated through simple movement allowing for postural reflex development and further integration. The movements you learn to do are relaxing and fun and can be used as transitions for focus and ways to prepare for learning. This work is based on the book, "Movement Based Learning for Children of All Abilities", and "I Am the Child", both by Cecelia Koester, M.Ed. Brain Gym® Teacher’s Ed. by Paul and Gail Dennison. See detailed class information below.

Therapists, teachers, caregivers, and parents will benefit from learning how to assess the needs of an individual, develop a Brain Gym® program to meet those needs, evaluate the effectiveness of the program with ways to modify when necessary for best results.

Brain Gym 170® provides excellent applications for a variety of mental and physical challenges including: sensory integration issues, developmental delays, autism, cerebral palsy, attention deficit disorders (ADD and ADHD), dyslexia, Angelman Syndrome, Down Syndrome, speech impairment, brain injuries, blindness, dearness and impairments caused by strokes.

In this course, students learn:

  • 26 Brain Gym® movements and modifications for special cases

  • 7 Building Block Activities, which support integration of the nervous system

  • The 5-Step balance process which targets goals for learning and performance

  • The Principles behind Edu-K


Brain Works Naturally is recognized by the New York State Education Department's State Board for Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy as an approved provider of CEU credit hours for OT's, OTA's, PT's, PTA's & SLP's.



Early Registration (by 2 weeks prior to class)      $575

General Registration (after 2 wks prior to class)  $625 Standard Fee

Repeater Fee $300 (No Manual) 


Brain Gym 170 - Special Needs Providers - Aug-Sept- 2021