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 Individual Session: $35 / 30 minutes

Series Sessions:  3/$30 each - 6/$30 each

E-Power Session:


You begin a session by sitting in a comfortable chair or lying on a massage table. A soft belt is fitted around your waist that pulses frequencies that you cannot feel. A wand of electrical energy is traced over acupressure points, meridian pathways and/or any pain areas in your body.

This improves circulation leaving you feeling energized and relaxed. Used in multiple sessions and over time can improve pain reduction, energy levels, and weight loss.

E-Power Machine

Benefits include pain relief, hours of energy, anti-aging, increased negative ions (scientifically proven to relieve depression and neurosis), physical and mental rejuvenation.


The E-Power machine increases the bodies negative electrical potential, triggers serotonin release and promotes activation of ATP - resulting in lasting energy, cellular communication and connection, improved skin elasticity, relief of physical pain due to circuitry blockages, a noticeable and profound sense of well-being, and much more. The E belt is included with the machine.

How? Basically, your body is a giant battery which has to be re-charged in order to function properly - the same principal as your cell phone - and that is where the E-Power machine comes in.


How it works

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