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Improving Memory


We all forget things…What was his name?... What did I come in here for?.... even important appointments. Rather than worry that there is something wrong with you, take steps to strengthen and create brain connections with Brain Gym. The stresses of everyday life pile up. Interrupt those stresses with a rejuvenating brain break. The exercises you learn are fun and easy to do. And the good news is they don’t take long to do, just a few minutes a day. You usually will notice a change right away. The more you do the exercises the stronger your memory becomes. Workshops are available for individuals or groups of all sizes. The workshops can be tailored to your needs and vary in length.


Contact me for more information,

or to schedule your own workshop or a private session.


Janice Fiore

Education Consultant

23 Edgecomb Road

Binghamton, NY 13905

Work: (607)797-9357

Cell: (607) 222-1022

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