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Student Testimonials

  • “I can see that all students, those with special needs and those without can benefit from the Brain Gym program. The hands on exercises that we are doing with a partner during class have convinced me that the exercises work to stimulate the brain as they stimulated my brain. They made me feel alert and relaxed.”  - Beena Raichura, OTR/L

  • “Once Building Block Activities were performed, he calmed down. Following these he walked in the hallway with an upright posture, increased stability, and improved stability on stairs” – Tina Sito, PT

  • “I took a course from Jan and it was one of the best in service courses I ever had. She makes every effort to design her lessons so they are used friendly without diluting the material. She was able to reach people of diverse educational backgrounds successfully”. – Barb Slocum, Teacher

  • “From the time that I started using the exercises I felt a definite positive influence in my life. It helped me to feel more organized and confident in what I did and it still helps me to this day when I feel the need to "reorganize" myself."  -College Student

  • "Brain Gym 101 is a wonderful experience. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their ease and joy in life. This wonderful work can help any type of person on many levels if they are receptive. - Parent

  • “I learned and have used Brain Gym exercises like pace and others every day since December 15, 2014 in order to increase my attention span and help me be more positive.  I also learned different exercises like belly breathing and positive points that I also use multiple times a day, to help calm down my anxieties and regain my focus. Overall, I find I am more positive when I practice my brain play. If I miss a day   I find I am unbalanced and more anxious. Brain Gym has helped me tremendously with not only my academics, but also with my emotional state of mind. ”- College Student


  • “I couldn’t believe the difference in my daughter after one session!  I noticed as soon as we got home that she was more focused, did her homework  and she actually listened to me!” - Parent        

  • “I know what to do to calm me down when I get mad, and it works!” -   Student      


  • “Useful and applicable immediately. I can see how it can help all my students.”-  Teacher

See Student Comments below...

Student Comments

  • “I learned real activities and techniques to do to improve my focus and decrease stress.”

  • “Brain Gym can be applied not only to all students, but anyone, adults too!”


  • “I learned new ways to energize myself and to keep my brain active.”


  • “The concept that  movement stimulates thinking and learning is so cool!”


  • “Wish it could have been longer. The two hours flew by!”

  • “I really enjoyed the class. I was feeling busy & stressed today, and the class helped me to feel less overwhelmed.”


  • “Everyone should experience this!”


  • “I loved brain gym! Completely new to me. I learned a lot and will defiantly use these activities in my classroom.”


  • “Never had brain gym before. I feel this could benefit my students and their learning environment.”


  • “Excellent presentation, well organized, relevant.”


  • “Very important concept! If only we had more time with our students to really get into brain gym on a daily basis.”


  • “Informative training. Knowledgeable for personal as well as student use. Presenter was clear, energetic, and knowledgeable.”

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